About Our Chef

KooKoo Bristol is now home to Gilan Kitchen. Regular customers will recognise the new boss as he has been involved with KooKoo as a chef since the days of KooKoo Café on Gloucester Road.

Introducing Moss Niknam:

Moss is from the North of Iran, a region beside the Caspian Sea called Gilan. The people of Gilan have a reputation for being “shikamoo” which means gluttonous so the restaurant is in good hands!

Last year (2017), Moss was a finalist for the BBC West Food Hero award for his voluntary work as a chef with local charities. He thoroughly enjoyed the chance to attend the BBC Food and Farming Awards in Bristol and he hopes to continue supporting local charities and community organisations in his new role.

From a young age, he found himself passing most of his time in the kitchen with his older sisters and his aunties at his grandparents’ house, where he lived following the sudden loss of his parents when he was very young. He strongly remembers the pungent aroma of fresh herbs filling the air as they were chopped for dishes such as “Torsh e Tareh” (spinach and mixed herb stew with eggs). His grandparents kept chickens so there were always fresh eggs, which feature often in Gilaki cuisine. Moss recalls waiting for the hens to lay their eggs then running around collecting them and carrying the treasured eggs into the kitchen. Since those early days in the kitchen, he has learned to cook a wide range of dishes from varying cuisines but the food of Gilan will always be his favourite so he is relishing the chance to share the specialities of his homeland with everyone who comes to KooKoo restaurant.

The Gilan Kitchen menu will feature many tasty dishes from the North of Iran, which are rarely found on Persian menus in the UK.